De La Salle Middle School

We are honored to represent the De La Salle Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.

Membership in the NJHS is one of the highest honors awarded to a middle school student.  Our chapter strives to promote positive contributions to school and community culture through emphasis on the Society's standards of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  These five pillars form the basis of membership selection.
Membership is more than an honor.  It is an ongoing responsibility and an obligation to continue to demonstrate these outstanding qualities that result in a student's selection.

Students in grade seven and eight will be informed of their eligibility for membership after the first semester.  Students who achieve a cumulative grade point average of 94.00 or higher are informed of their eligibility for membership.  Those eligible students must decide to pursue membership by submitting all components of the application process.  Only those students who complete all components of the application process by the designated due dates will be considered for membership.

New Members will be added to the DLS NJHS Google Classroom where meeting notices, chapter news, and planning documents are posted.

Chapter Adviser: Mrs. Karen Clements, De La Salle Middle School Teacher,   
La Salle Academy is a high school rich in history and grounded in the person and teachings of Jesus and the Catholic faith, which are core to the school's life and culture. The De La Salle Middle School provides a strong holistic foundation for students to transition into high school. The high school and middle school provide students of diverse ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds, a community to foster growth in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle’s ideals of faith, service, and community.