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  • Academic Support

    The mission of the Academic Resource Center or ARC is to provide support to students who are struggling with academic success at La Salle Academy. This support manifests itself in the form of coaching, mentoring, and tutoring students to realize their potential as productive and creative individuals in a Catholic learning community. The ARC serves between 80-140 students, grades 9-12, each year and has proven to decrease the number of students who are ineligible for athletic and extracurricular activities and events. Students are referred to the ARC by their guidance counselor, teacher, and/or dean for a wide variety of reasons, including poor grades, lack of motivation, behavior, disorganization, and necessary accommodations through IEP's and/or 504 plans.
    Students in the ARC have their academic performance regularly monitored by teachers and are tutored in subject areas on a daily basis. Students learn how to effectively organize their notebooks, lockers, and planners and have increased contact with their subject area teacher to encourage better direct communication skills. The ARC mentors students to become involved in the community of learning and promotes independence, self-confidence, and creativity in both traditional and non-traditional ways. Students have access to a wide array of resources, supplies, and materials to use for projects, homework, and test preparation. 
    The purpose of the ARC is best captured in a quote by La Salle Academy graduate Navil Pichardo '08: "Throughout my childhood I had a personal hardship with learning how to read and write that, unfortunately, followed me into high school. When I started attending the ARC, not only did my grades improve, but I had a more optimistic view on life. The invaluable skills that I obtained in the ARC have been a crucial part of my college academic success."
  • Freshman Transition Program

    La Salle Academy recognizes the hidden potential in some of its students through the Freshman Transition Program. The mission of this program is to develop the academic and personal potential of ninth grade students whose prior academic records indicate basic skill deficiencies. 

    The program provides a safe, caring, and responsive environment designed to help students achieve the academic, personal, and social changes necessary for success. 

    The program strives to provide for individual needs through the use of modified curricular design; develop students’ study skills with emphasis on learning how to learn; deal with the basic concepts in each subject area in a disciplined, structured way; provide opportunities to apply content and processes to real life situations; carefully monitor the academic and social progress of each student. 

    Upon successful completion of all assessments in the Transition Program, recommendations are made for placement in sophomore classes. It is the expectation of the program that each student attain a level of knowledge and skill that will allow the student to be placed in the traditional sophomore classes at the .2B level or above.
  • Arts Curriculum Track

    La Salle Academy offers a special program in which selected students are given the opportunity to enroll in an arts course in the sophomore year. This is made possible by simply postponing World History to either the junior or senior year. 

    Visual Studies provides a strong foundation for further study in Visual Art. Performing Arts is performance based and covers foundations in acting, movement and voice. Music Appreciation and Intro to Music Theory are coupled together to cover foundations in music, writing, reading and analysis. All courses can be taken for either (.1) or (.2) credit.