School Counseling

La Salle Academy's School Counseling Department promotes the personal growth of students and provides them with the strategies necessary to develop academically, professionally, and socially.


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  • Confidentiality

    An important obligation of school counselors is to maintain the confidentiality of their students. School counselors are obliged not to disclose information that a student has shared, within the context of the counseling relationship, unless such disclosures are necessary to protect the student from posing a serious threat to him/herself or others.
  • The Role of School Counselors

    Counseling is a process of helping in which the school counselor provides a safe, nurturing environment. By establishing a trusting, confidential working relationship, students can share their feelings and develop positive solutions to personal issues. Often, the focus is on problem-solving, decision-making, and discovering personal meaning related to learning and development. Parents, teachers, administrators, and students can initiate a referral to the school counselor.

    The school counselor is an advocate for students. This advocacy takes many forms, including:
    • Listening to students, assessing their needs, and developing realistic interventions.
    • Helping students cope with emotional pressures, set goals, and become responsible young adults.
    • Helping students understand and accept their capabilities and limitations.
    • Assisting students with transition issues and helping them get acclimated to La Salle Academy.
    • Making appropriate internal and external referrals.
  • Working Together

    Preventive and developmental counseling helps students cope with the stresses and pressures that affect their personal development and academic performance.

    In theory, the School Counseling Department does distinguish between counseling (dealing with such personal matters as emotional issues or social adjustment problems) and advising (academic matters). In practice, our approach is more holistic.

    Although each counselor’s primary responsibility is counseling and advising, the department works collaboratively with the principal, vice-principal for academics, vice-principal for student life, deans, teachers, parents, and other school personnel to ensure continuity and effectiveness in dealing with the whole student.

School Counseling

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  • Freshman Year Counseling

    During freshman year, our goal is to help you transition and adjust, both academically and socially. We encourage all 9th-graders to ask questions, get involved in the community, and seek out a school counselor when needed.
    Although we work with the freshman class on academics, personal/social life, and college/career planning, the school counseling office is a resource for students, regardless of their issue.

    A sampling of topics we address:
    • Setting and reaching academic goals.
    • Improving organizational skills.
    • Building self-confidence.
    • Improving time management.
    • Developing decision-making strategies.
    • Conflict resolution.
    The La Salle Academy School Counseling Office takes pride in assisting all students in their development. Students are always welcome, and parents are encouraged to call with any questions or concerns. School Counselors can be reached through the office secretary, Mrs. Matteson, at (401) 351-7750, ext 128.
  • Sophomore Year Counseling

    During sophomore year, you'll continue building upon skills developed as a freshman, including organization, time management, and conflict resolution. This is the year students begin to better understand and internalize the concept of self, especially as it pertains to the La Salle community and beyond.
    Whether it's working with individuals, small group, or the larger school community, our approach to helping students develop into well-rounded, lifelong learners includes:
    • Advancing study habits. 
    • Preparing for the PSAT.
    • Guiding with course selection.  
    • Developing self-advocacy skills.
    • Expanding social networks.
    • Exploring career/college paths.
    • Learning test-taking strategies.
    • Handling stress.
    The School Counseling Office continues to be a place of encouragement and guidance; one that offers students a safe place to cope with the issues they face.

    Committed to our mission, the counseling center plays a vital role in creating partnerships with the families of our students. In addition, the school fosters a community where students from different socioeconomic, ethnic, and family backgrounds educate one another through mutual understanding, respect, and acceptance.

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  • Photo of ConiSue King

    ConiSue King 

    Director of School and College Counseling
    (401) 351-7750 ext 124
  • Photo of Lisa Buehne

    Lisa Buehne 98

    School Counselor
    (401) 351-7750 ext 187
  • Photo of Timothy Finnegan

    Timothy Finnegan 

    School Counselor
    (401) 351-7750 ext 126
  • Photo of Lee Matteson

    Lee Matteson 

    School and College Counseling Administrative Assistant
    (401) 351-7750 ext 128
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