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National Junior Honor Society

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  • We are honored to represent the De La Salle Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.

    Membership in the NJHS is one of the highest honors awarded to a middle school student.  Our chapter strives to promote positive contributions to school and community culture through emphasis on the Society's standards of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  These five pillars form the basis of membership selection.
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  • 6th Grade Curriculum

    • Religion I: Visions and Life of St. John Baptist De La Salle
    • Literature: Exploration of Reading and Writing Across Genres (LIT 6)
    • Mathematics
    • STEM course: Structures and Interactions
    • Social Studies: Ancients Civilizations and Geography
    • Language Arts (LA 6)
    • Introduction to Spanish
    • Introduction to the Arts
    • Physical Education
    • Skills & Strategies 6
  • 7th Grade Curriculum

    • Religion II: Visions and Lasallian Saints & Blesseds
    • Literature: Interaction with Literary Styles and Voice (LIT 7)
    • Mathematics or Accelerated Mathematics
    • STEM course: Matter and Energy
    • Social Studies: United States History
    • Language Arts (LA7)
    • Spanish I, Part Two
    • Physical Education
    • Introduction to the Arts
    • Skills & Strategies 7
  • 8th Grade Curriculum

    • Religion III: History of the Church and Family Life
    • English/Language Arts (ELA): Composition and Literary Analysis
    • Algebra I or Accelerated Mathematics 8
    • STEM course: Systems and Impacts
    • Social Studies: Modern World History
    • Spanish I or Accelerated Spanish I
    • Physical Education
    • Visual /Performing Arts
    • Skills & Strategies 8

Academic Program

  • Three years of Religious Studies
  • Three years of Literature (Lit)
  • Three years of Mathematics
  • Three years of Modern Foreign Language
  • Three years of Science (STEM)
  • Three years of Social Studies
  • Three years of Physical Education
  • Two years of Language Arts (Grades 6 & 7)
  • Three years of Visual Performing Arts
La Salle Academy is a high school rich in history and grounded in the person and teachings of Jesus and the Catholic faith, which are core to the school's life and culture. The De La Salle Middle School provides a strong holistic foundation for students to transition into high school. The high school and middle school provide students of diverse ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds, a community to foster growth in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle’s ideals of faith, service, and community.