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  • The La Salle Academy Hall of Fame honors those men and women, living and deceased, who have brought honor to the name of La Salle Academy. 

    They have lived lives according to Lasallian ideals while demonstrating outstanding service to the Lasallian Catholic mission and significant social commitment to the communities in which they live.  They are persons who have graduated at least 25 years prior to being honored, or have had a long affiliation with, and commitment to, La Salle Academy.

    An Alumnus, or person closely associated with La Salle Academy, may be nominated if he/she has demonstrated the following qualities:
    • The person has a long association and an outstanding record of service and loyalty to La Salle Academy.
    • The living alumnus has graduated 25 years prior to the nomination.
    • The person, through his/her accomplishments, has brought honor upon the name of La Salle Academy.
    • The person has demonstrated outstanding service to the Lasallian Catholic mission.
    • The person has demonstrated unique social service and citizenship in the community in which she/he lives.
    • The person may be nominated posthumously.
    For more information contact Selin Ciesielski '17, Director of Alumni Relations - sciesielski@lasalle-academy.org
Terrence W. Allen ’74: Executive Vice President at RBS/ Citizens

Robert M. Andreoli ’51: Founder and Chairman of Victoria Creations.

Robert F. Arrigan ‘51: Judge of the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Court.

Ernest P. Baptista, Jr. ’68: President of Gencorp Insurance and Financial Services and chairman of La Salle Academy Board of Regents.

William R. Bisson ’42: President of Blackstone Valley Electric Company and Vice President of Eastern Utility Associates.

Robert H. Boffa ’71: Successful businessman and advocate for child welfare in the State of Alabama.

John P. Bourcier ’45
: Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

Dr. Kathleen Bowling, MD: Member of the Board of Trustees. Founder of a memorial fund in the name of her late husband, William C. Bowling, Sr. Supporter of the Bereavement “Good Grief” Ministry for La Salle students who have lost a parent.

Dennis Brennan ’67
: Successful local businessman and assistant soccer coach at La Salle.

Terry P. Byron ’57
: Successful business leader and standout athlete at La Salle.

Louis W. Cappelli 1912
: Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island and Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

Rev. Msgr. William J. Carey ’36
: Rector of the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul.

S. Robert Chiappinelli ’58
: Reporter for the Providence Journal.

Thomas J. Chisholm ’64
: Business leader and founder of Viecore, Inc.

J. Clement Cicilline MS ’57: Licensed clinical psychologist for over 50 years. Vocal advocate for the enhancement of health and human services in Rhode Island. Chair of the committee that established the first, federally funded comprehensive community mental health center in the state.

Stephen E. Cicilline ’59
: Successful lawyer and community leader.

Louis A. “Lou” Cimini ’39
: Devoted teacher in the Lasallian tradition and highly successful hockey coach at La Salle for 32 years. The stadium at La Salle is named for him.

Edward J. Collins ’53: Major in the Providence Police Department.

Philip J. Conley ’45
: Major General of the United States Air Force. Fighter pilot and commander of the first space shuttle landing.

Kevin C. Conroy ’78: 
Award-winning media and technology innovator. Successful businessman and entrepreneur. Outstanding lacrosse player at La Salle Academy.

Leo M. Cooney, Jr. ’61
: Professor of Geriatric Medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine and developer of the Resource Utilization Groups.

Brother A. Jerome Corrigan, FSC: Devoted teacher and administrator in the Lasallian tradition. Was Principal and then the first President of La Salle Academy, overseeing the change to a coeducational school, implementing the PEGASUS 7/8 program, and adding computer labs to the school and multimedia resources and technology to the library.

Kathleen A. “Kay” Corry ‘73H: Devoted executive secretary at La Salle Academy for 43 years. First continuously employed woman at La Salle Academy and an honorary graduate.

Rev. Msgr. John F. Cox ’28: Vicar General, Professor of Philosophy at Our Lady of Providence Seminary and pastor of St. Peter Church in Warwick, RI.

John P. “Jack” Cronin, AFSC: Devoted teacher in the Lasallian tradition and legendary coach of football, baseball and hockey at La Salle for 45 years. The athletic fields at La Salle are named for him. A painting of him hangs in the McLaughlin Athletic Center.

Vincent A. Cullen, Jr. ’51: Athletic director and basketball coach at the Community College of Rhode Island.

John J. Cummings ’40: CEO of Fleet Financial. Appointed a Knight Commander in the order of St. Gregory by Pope Paul VI. Founding chairman of La Salle Academy’s Advisory Board.

Rev. John F. Cunningham, OP ’45: President of Providence College.

Peter A. Curtin ’42: Devoted teacher in the Lasallian tradition and legendary track coach at La Salle Academy. The indoor track in the McLaughlin Athletic Center is dedicated to him.

Rev. Angelo D’Agostino, SJ ’43: Captain in the United Sates Air Force, Chief of Urology at Bolling Air Force Base. Founder of the Center for Psychiatry and Religion in Washington, D.C. Founder of Nyumbani (Swahili for “home”) a place that provides the best nutritional, medical, psycho-social and spiritual care to children afflicted with HIV/AIDs in Kenya, which has become a model for the whole continent of Africa.

Francis J. Darigan, Jr., ’60: Associate Justice of the Superior Court of Rhode Island.

Benedetto Defelice ’43: Distinguished career agent at the Central Intelligence Agency.

James F. Deffley ’44: Devoted teacher, role model and very successful football coach at East Providence High School.

Joseph P. Delaney ’35: Outstanding athlete at La Salle, educational leader in the Providence School System.

Rev. John F. Denning, CSC ’77: President of Stonehill College.

William V. Devine ’58: RI State Trooper and later Chief of Police of Town of North Providence.

Leo F. DiMaio Jr. ’47: Director of Special Programs for Talent Development at the University of Rhode Island.

Paul F. Donovan ’46: Devoted teacher and coach at Hope High School.

Francis E. “Duke” Ducharme ’57: Successful local businessman and owner of E. Turgeon Construction Company.

Camille L. “Red” Durand ’35
: Successful athlete at La Salle and the College of the Holy Cross.

John “Duffy” Dwyer ’76
: Devoted alumnus and beloved member of the Class of 1976 whose values according to his classmates: “embod[y] the traditions of La Salle Academy.”

Raymond T. Dwyer ’42: Dedicated teacher and successful track coach at several Rhode Island high schools. Track coach at Rhode Island College.

Thomas Farrelly ’16: Native of Ireland and Director of Customs for 25 years in New York City.

Brother Flavian, FSC: Devoted teacher and “Subdirector” (Vice Principal) of La Salle Academy. Forced to flee his native Brittany, France, for the United States due to repressive measures enacted by the French Government in 1904. Began teaching at La Salle Academy in 1923 and taught until his death in 1949. In dedicating the 1949 yearbook to him, the Class of 1949 wrote: “In him we found embodied all the richest qualities which typify the Christian Brother.”

John E. Fogarty ’30: United States Congressman, champion of health care and research legislation. The New York Times upon his death wrote: “No one in the history of this country has done more to promote more and better health services, more and better health facilities and more and better health research than Representative Fogarty.”

Roger A.  Francoeur ’53: IRS agent for thirty years and Professor of Taxation at Bryant College.

Fred M. Gabrielle, Jr. ’51: Accomplished pediatrician, CEO of Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Connecticut, United States Army Doctor, Chief of Staff of the St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

Rev. David F. Gaffney ’77: Dedicated priest and teacher. Spiritual director at the Pontifical North American College, Rome.

Edward P. Gallogly ’36: Son of Irish immigrants who rose to become Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island, U.S. Attorney for Rhode Island, and Chief Judge of the Rhode Island Family Court. A plaque dedicated to him hangs in the chapel in La Salle’s Campus Ministry Center. Brother of Lawrence P. Gallogly ’40.

Lawrence P. Gallogly, AFSC ’40: Son of Irish immigrants who rose to become a dedicated alumnus of La Salle Academy. A role model of generosity and selfless service to others. Brother of Edward P. Gallogly ’36.

Mark T. Gallogly ’75: Founder and manager of the investment firm Centerbridge Partners. Advisor to President Barack Obama on economic issues. Son of Edward Gallogly ’36.

William F. Garrahan ’46: Successful orthopedic surgeon. President of Kent County Hospital Medical Staff, the Kent County Medical Society, and the Rhode Island Orthopedic Society.

J. Joseph Garrahy ’48: Distinguished Catholic gentleman, devoted public servant and Governor of the State of Rhode Island.

Brother Thomas Gerrow, FSC: Eight-year president of La Salle. Organized the buyout of La Salle from the Diocesan benefit pension plan to an independent contribution plan. Coordinated the purchase of the school property from the Diocese. Started the De La Salle Middle School.
Steven G. Gershkoff ’67: Successful Rhode Island businessman.

Anthony A. Giannini ’39
: Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

Rev. Peter J. Gibbons 1905: Pastor of St. Teresa’s Church in Olneyville. Funded the education of hundreds of young men at La Salle. The Alumni Walk leading to the main entrance of the school is dedicated to him

James G. “Lou” Gorman ’47:
 Vice President and Director of Baseball Operations for the Boston Red Sox.

Vincent R Graziano ’73: Executive Director and President of Rhode Islanders Saving Energy (RISE). Served on the La Salle Academy Board of Regents.

Rev. Joseph J. Guido, OP ’71
: Highly regarded clinical psychologist. Vice President of Mission and Ministry at Providence College.

James G. Hagan ’54
: Successful business and community leader.

Brother Antony (Harte) of Jesus, FSC ‘24: 
Sometimes spelled Anthony. Devoted teacher and the legendary Director of Athletics at La Salle Academy for 26 years. His bench is still located in the Athletic Center, and every year an award is given to a male and a female member of the senior class who best embody his legacy of “Outstanding Commitment and Dedication to La Salle Athletics.”

Joseph P. Hasset ’73: 
Outstanding basketball player for La Salle Academy and Providence College. Played professionally for the Indiana Pacers, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors and the 1979 Seattle Sonics NBA championship team.

Edward V. Healey, Jr. ’39: Recipient of the Bronze Star for heroism in World War II and Senior Associate Justice of the Rhode Island Family Court. Nationally recognized jurist.

Felix Hebert 1893: First Native Canadian to serve in U.S. Senate.

Edmond Heroux: Longest serving full time employee to work at La Salle with a 53-year tenure. Guidance counselor and head coach of the Boys Varsity Basketball team for many years.

Charles E. Hogan ’46: Devoted archivist of La Salle Academy, chairperson of multiple La Salle Academy fund drives. The authority on La Salle Academy history.

Jonathan Houston: Founder, president, and CEO of Justice Assistance, a nonprofit criminal justice planning and service organization. Primary author of Rhode Island’s Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights and Article I, Section 23 of Rhode Island’s Constitution entitled, “The Rights of the Victim” — the first such constitutional amendment in the nation.

Neil J. Houston, Jr. ’63
: Criminal justice reformer and philanthropist. Credited with the design of the first court-based mediation programs, day reporting centers, and services to incarcerated pregnant women in the United States.

Bernard A. Jackvony ’62
: Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island, Cochairman of the Anchor of Hope Fund for the Diocese of Providence.

Robert L. Jeffrey ’71: Chairman and CEO of JWT Worldwide, one of the oldest and best known advertising agencies in the world.

James M. Kavanagh ’64: Head Track and Field Coach at the College of the Holy Cross. Only one of two athletes to be in both the Boston College Athletic Hall of Fame and the Holy Cross Athletic Hall of Fame.

Most Rev. Bernard M. Kelly, DD ’36: Auxiliary Bishop of Providence.

Michael Kelly ’60: Successful businessman and Providence City Councilman. Founder of Kelly’s Car Wash.

Richard F. Kirby ’42: All-State basketball player at La Salle. Prominent attorney.

Louis A. “Lou” Lamoriello ’59: Director of Athletics at Providence College, CEO of the New Jersey Nets of the NBA, and President and General Manager of the New Jersey Devils of the NHL. Inducted in the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.

Armand P. Leco ’44: Executive Vice President of Coordinated Health Partners, Inc. Founding member of St. Gregory the Great Church, Warwick, RI.

Rev. Joseph L. Lennon, OP ’36: Faculty member of Providence College.

Stephen P. Lepre ’67: Founder and CEO of Lepre Physical Therapy.

Rev. Kenneth R. Letoile, OP ’65: Pastor of St. Pius V Church.

Most Rev. Paul S. Loverde, DD ’58
: Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia.

Thomas V. Lowery, AFSC ’37
: Devoted teacher in the Lasallian tradition for 45 years and first lay administrator at La Salle Academy. Coeditor of A Book of Modern American Poetry.

Thomas E. Maggiacomo ’73: Successful local businessman.

Most Rev. Thomas F. Maloney, DD ’23
: Auxiliary Bishop of Providence.

Raymond T. Mancini ’55: Successful businessman and noted philanthropist.

Anthony P. Marandola ’55
: Successful local businessman.

Most Rev. Salvatore R. Matano, DD ’64
: Bishop of Burlington, Vermont.

Robert F. Mazzeo ’55
: Successful businessman. President of Calgreg Electronics and Cooliance.

Michael McCarten, MD ’70: Served for 34 years as a Navy physician, traveling to 24 countries on five continents. Planned and participated in humanitarian and disaster relief missions throughout the South Pacific and South Asia.

Edward J. McElroy ’58: Teacher, union leader and president of the American Federation of Teachers.

Rev. John A. McGinn, MM ’23: Maryknoll missionary. Jailed in China for his beliefs in, and proselytizing of, the Catholic faith. Brother of Vincent McGinn ’27.

Vincent P. McGinn ’27: Devoted teacher in the Lasallian tradition for 45 years at La Salle Academy.

V. Paul McGinn ’61
: One of the youngest men to be selected as a United States Administrative Law Judge.
J. Howard McGrath ’22: Governor of the State of Rhode Island, Solicitor General of the United States, Attorney General of the United States. The first Rhode Islander to hold a presidential cabinet post, he desegregated the Democratic National Party and was one of the greatest proponents of Civil Rights in his era.

William H. McGrath ‘54: Respected member of the funeral service business. Loyal La Salle alumnus.

James R. McGuirk ’63: Prominent local attorney and member of La Salle Academy’s Board of Trustees.

John A. McIntyre ’36: All-American football player at the University of Notre Dame; World War II and Korean War flying ace; recipient of the Silver Star.
Brother Michael Mc Kenery, FSC ’57: Devoted teacher and administrator in the Lasallian tradition. La Salle Academy’s second president. Presided over the construction of the McLaughlin Athletic Center, Shea Science and Student Center, renovations of the theatre, auditorium and Cronin Fields and Cimini Stadium. The Arts Center at La Salle is named for him. Increased the enrollment of La Salle substantially and increased the amount of financial aid availability to hundreds of students. As noted by a colleague:  “The La Salle Academy we see today would not exist… if it was not for Brother Michael’s vision, passion, and drive.”

Robert J. McKenna ’49: Professor of Politics at Salve Regina University. Mayor of Newport, RI.

John McLaughlin ’45
: Speechwriter to Presidents Nixon and Ford. Creator and host of “The McLaughlin Group” on PBS.

John J. McLaughlin ’30: Outstanding athlete at La Salle and the University of Notre Dame, Co-owner and founder of McLaughlin and Moran.

Walter F. McLaughlin ’57: Benefactor of La Salle Academy and the Christian Brothers. Founder of McLaughlin Automotive Stores. The McLaughlin Athletic Center is named in honor of him in recognition of his and his wife Wanda’s unwavering dedication and devotion to every student at La Salle.

Most Rev. Russell J. McVinney, DD ’16: First native Rhode Islander to become Bishop of Providence.

John W. Meehan ’76: Successful custom home builder and founder of Meehan Builders. Two-year captain of the La Salle Hockey team leading the Rams to the state championship in 1976. Architecture major and captain of the hockey team at Yale University.

John R. Miele ’74: Prominent Rhode Island podiatrist.

Vincent W. Miley ’41: Active promoter of and participant in Christian Brothers’ activities.President of New England Telephone Company Pioneers. Community leader in Cranston, RI.

Michael A. Montecalvo ’80: Community leader, broadcast journalist and Emmy nominated anchor and reporter.

John E. Moran ’31: Co-owner and founder of McLaughlin and Moran. Established the John E. Moran Foundation to benefit Woonsocket’s Association of Retarded Citizens of Northern Rhode Island.

Thomas M. Mulvey ’60: Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Assistant Chancellor for Enrollment Management at University Massachusetts-Dartmouth.
Ann (McDonald) Murphy ’88: Dedicated child protective investigator for the State of Rhode Island, Department of Children Youth and Services. The first female alumna inducted into the La Salle Academy Hall of Fame.

John C. Myrick ’23: Chief of Surgery at St. Joseph Hospital.

Joseph A. Nagle ’74: President and CEO of Delta Dental of Rhode Island. Chair of the La Salle Academy Board of Regents.

Charles A. O’Connor, Jr. ’27: Superintendent of Schools for the City of Providence.

Edwin O’Connor ’35: 
Pulitzer Prize Winner for Edge of Sadness, author of The Last Hurrah, which was twice turned into a movie.

Steven G. O’Donnell ’78: Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police. Lacrosse coach at La Salle Academy.

Rev. Joseph P. O’Gara ’19: Pastor of St. Luke Church in Barrington, RI.

Donald M. Panciera ’46
: Professional football player and college coach. Successful local businessman. Quarterback of the 1945 “National Championship” football team.

Joseph H. Palmer: Orphaned at twelve years old, began working at La Salle in 1950 and became a dedicated teacher in the Lasallian tradition for 32 years. Along with his wife Margaret “My Peg,” came to view the La Salle community as his home.

Brother Albert Paul, FSC ’24: Executive Vice President of Manhattan College.

John O. Pastore ’59: Renowned cardiologist who was a member of the Board of the Directors of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). Served as Secretary of the IPPNW when the organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985 for highlighting the devastating effects of nuclear war and for demonstrating the need for East-West accord.

Brother Vincent Pelletier, FSC ’59: Devoted teacher in the Lasallian tradition who has spent his career teaching and ministering in Ethiopia.

Dennis J. Picard ’50
: Chief Executive Officer of Raytheon Corporation.

Bernard T. Pina ’50:
 Devoted teacher and coach at several Rhode Island high schools and colleges. The first African-American head coach in the Rhode Island Interscholastic League.

Daniel T. Pires ’59: Educator and guidance counselor at Cranston West High School and La Salle Academy.

Felix A. Porcaro, Jr. ’74
: Successful local businessman.

Daniel A. Procaccini ’70: Justice of the Rhode Island Superior Court.

Brother Timothy Rapa, FSC
: Devoted teacher and Principal at La Salle Academy. Brother Timothy’s dynamic personality and genuine concern for the well-being of each student earned for him the affection and admiration of many of his former students and the many alumni who knew him as Principal.

John J. Regan ’67: Nationally respected attorney and leader in Catholic education.

Peter C. Reilly 1885: Entrepreneur and businessman who oversaw the development of “2-vinylpridine,” which led to the widespread production of synthetic tires. Sponsor of scholarships for La Salle Academy students to the University of Notre Dame.

Dennis J. Roberts ’23
: Mayor of Providence and Governor of the State of Rhode Island.

Wilfred V. Roberts ’20: Devoted teacher in the Lasallian tradition and remarkably influential band and orchestra director at La Salle Academy.

Joseph F. Rodgers, Jr. ’58: Chief Judge of the Superior Court of Rhode Island.

Michael L. Rogers ’78: Managing director of Crescent Capital Group. First lay chair of the La Salle Academy Board of Trustees. Led the Board to protect the retirement security of the school’s faculty and staff.

John H. Rollins ’57
: Inner-city youth counselor, running backs coach for Brown University and City of Providence Councilman.

John Romano ’41
: Navy veteran of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. After graduation from La Salle, he interrupted his economics studies to attend the Naval Aviation Program in 1945. State representative in the Rhode Island legislature for two terms and state senator from 1974 to 1983, working on labor and employee benefit issues.

Most Rev. Francis X. Roque, DD ’46: Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese for Military Services. Recipient of the Army Commendation Medal, Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal and Distinguished Service Medal for his service.

Edward J. Routhier, Jr. ’41: Founder of Cormack-Routhier Agency.  Devoted to the Christian Brothers, who named their residence at La Salle “Routhier Hall” in his honor.

Gerald F. Russell ’34: Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corp. One of the youngest battalion commanders in the history of the United States military. Decorated veteran of World War II and the Korean War. Associate dean of Penn State University.

Armand Sabitoni ’69: Laborers International Union of Northeastern America (LIUNA) General Secretary-Treasurer & New England Regional Manager. Recipient of numerous awards recognizing his outstanding leadership and his many contributions to improving the quality of life for working families.

Richard C. Santaniello ’52
: Special education teacher and community leader.

James J. Scanlan, M.D., AFSC ’40: Devoted to the De La Salle Christian Brothers, taking care of their medical needs for thirty-five years. Author of The History of La Salle Academy, 1850-1994.

Anthony W. Scorpio ’73: Community leader and founding member of the La Salle Academy Board of Regents.

Raymond E. Shawcross ’64: Judge of the Rhode Island Family Court and an advocate for youth and social justice.

Robert B. Shea ’42: Successful lawyer, community leader and trusted adviser to Bro. Jerome Corrigan and Bro. Michael Mc Kenery. Few individuals have had as great an impact on La Salle Academy. Along with his wife, Mary, he was involved in every major initiative at La Salle for over two decades. The Shea Science and Student Center is named for him in recognition of his and Mary’s unwavering dedication and devotion to every student at La Salle.

Alfred M. Shiel ’47: Devoted role model of community service in the Lasallian tradition.

James J. Skeffington ’60: Community leader, successful lawyer and partner in the Law Firm of Edwards and Angell.

James M. Sloan III ’49: Lawyer and instrumental figure in helping craft the plan that saved La Salle Academy by having it become a coeducational school.

Richard J. Sullivan ’67: Successful local businessman and advisor to Bro. Jerome Corrigan and Bro. Michael Mc Kenery.

Carl J. Toti ’36: Devoted teacher, guidance counselor and legendary baseball coach at La Salle Academy. The “Freshman Scholar Athlete” Award is named for him.

Harold L. Trafford, Jr. ’52: Editor at the Providence Journal. President of the Town Council of Coventry.

Rev. Daniel M. Trainor ’53: Outstanding man of principle and courage, a champion of those at risk, particularly through his HIV/AIDS ministry and outreach.

Joseph G. Trimble, Jr. ’48: Vice President of the Coca-Cola Company of New England.

Michael W. Tripp ’64: Successful businessman and community leader. Decorated veteran of the Vietnam War. His citation reads: When the helicopter he was in was shot down in 1967 “Corporal Tripp unhesitatingly blocked the doorway with his own body… in order to prevent the casualties from being thrown from the aircraft.” Became the “face of the war” when his photograph was unknowingly taken and published by photographer Frank Johnston in one of the most memorable images of the war.

Felisa F. White: Founder of libraries that served the United States Air Force in the Pacific. Devoted, longtime librarian of La Salle Academy.

V. Paul Winter AFSC ’35: Benefactor of La Salle Academy and the Christian Brothers. Founder of the V. Paul Winter Distribution Company, Inc.

Joseph P. Zabilski ’37: Athlete, Football Coach and Athletic Director at Northeastern University.
La Salle Academy is a high school rich in history and grounded in the person and teachings of Jesus and the Catholic faith, which are core to the school's life and culture. The De La Salle Middle School provides a strong holistic foundation for students to transition into high school. The high school and middle school provide students of diverse ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds, a community to foster growth in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle’s ideals of faith, service, and community.