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  • La Salle Academy's nationally recognized athletic program

    La Salle Athletics is proud to have been named No. 2 in the Nation by MaxPreps for All Around High School Sports Program in 2022.  The La Salle Rams have been a competitive presence in the Rhode Island Interscholastic League since its establishment in 1932. Athletics at La Salle are built on dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Young men and women grow in self-confidence, leadership, and loyalty through participation in one of our many teams. 

    The McLaughlin Athletic Center is an ever-growing facility providing our students the most advanced physical education and athletic preparedness. The Athletic Center is one of the biggest indoor gymnasiums in Rhode Island, featuring three basketball courts surrounded by a 5-lane indoor track. Specialized rooms, like our Conditioning and Strength Training Room, Dance Studio, and Wrestling Training Room, provide specific practice and conditioning areas for our athletes. Our outdoor facilities include 6 tennis courts, Cronin Fields, and Cimini Stadium which holds 1,800 spectators and overlooks the 400m outdoor track and multi-purpose athletic field. 

    As with everything in the Lasallian culture, the adults entrusted with the care of our students make the difference in our athletic programming. Many of the coaches have played beyond the high school level, bringing extensive knowledge and life experience to La Salle athletes. In addition, many faculty members serve as coaches, showing students by example how Lasallian values inform team culture.  Close cooperation and mentoring between coaches and players is an important part of student life beyond the classroom at La Salle Academy. 

    The Athletic Program at La Salle is situated within the overall mission of the school. As such, it is an excellent means of helping students develop a deep understanding of what it means to live out the message of Christ each day.

    Athletics provide opportunities for training, physical conditioning, and healthy competition. These not only help students develop their physical talents, but also strengthen their mental dexterity through strategy and intricacies of the sport. Athletics can help students learn how to function effectively and make positive contributions by encouraging responsibility, fostering persistent effort, and promoting self-awareness.

RAMS Athletics

La Salle Academy Strength and Conditioning Center

Athletic Downloads & Resources

  • 2022-2023 La Salle Athletic Parent and Student Handbook
    The La Salle Academy Athletic Parent and Student Handbook should be read by each parent/guardian and student before agreeing to participate in the La Salle Academy Athletic Program.
  • 2021-2022 La Salle Academy Athletics Consent Form
    Please read and sign.
  • Instructions for registering students online for La Salle Academy Athletics
    Will take you step by step through the process of registering a student in the La Salle Athletic Program.
  • RIIL Assumption of Risk
    Required by the Rhode Island Interscholastic League. All students must complete the new form for the 2022-23 school year. The form must be authenticated by a Notary Public and returned to the Athletic Department before a student can participate.
  • Transportation Waiver
    This waiver should be used any time a student is not taking the transportation provided by the school. If you would like to take your child home after a contest instead of them taking the bus back to La Salle, please fill out this form and have your son or daughter present it to the coach before getting on the bus to the contest. Please introduce yourself to the coach when taking the child from the venue so the coach knows the child has left with their his/her parent/guardian.

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La Salle Academy is a high school rich in history and grounded in the person and teachings of Jesus and the Catholic faith, which are core to the school's life and culture. The De La Salle Middle School provides a strong holistic foundation for students to transition into high school. The high school and middle school provide students of diverse ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds, a community to foster growth in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle’s ideals of faith, service, and community.