The Center for Experiential Learning

La Salle Academy is excited to announce the launch of a new academic program, The Center for Experiential Learning, where we develop student talents and explore student interests.

The Center for Experiential Learning at La Salle Academy is designed to challenge intellectual, creative, and motivated students. It is based on the "Schoolwide Enrichment Model" developed by Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli & Dr. Sally M. Reis at the University of Connecticut. The goal of the Center is to encourage and develop skills related to experiential learning, entrepreneurship, creative productivity, and rigorous curriculum. This is done by connecting individual interests to various subjects, themes, and fields of study. Students also engage in advanced content research and receive methodological and process skill training from different perspectives.

The Center focuses on four major core areas. These are Advanced Learning Opportunities, which include targeted class selections and extracurricular offerings; Skills Training, which consists of short mini-course modules for lifelong skill preparation; Experiential Learning Opportunities, such as lectures, mentorships, internships, and summer programs; and the Capstone Project, which is a culminating body of work demonstrating dedication and expertise.

Students at La Salle Academy can participate in any or all of these core areas. They receive guidance and support from faculty and peers through individual meetings, group interactions, and online correspondence. Students can enter the program through teacher or coach recommendation or voluntary sign-up. A monthly newsletter will be published online and shared with the entire student body, providing information on resources and opportunities. Additionally, the Center plans to establish partnerships with local colleges, universities, organizations, and companies in the future.

For more information visit the Center for Experiential Learning Website below or contact Jeff Danielian, '94
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