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Clubs and Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

La Salle Academy offers a broad range of clubs and activities as diverse as our student body.


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  • Model Legislature

    Students form La Salle work with students from around the state in simulating the activities of the Rhode Island State Legislature. Students write bill proposals and then lobby for their passage by garnering support from a majority of the delegates to the Model Legislature. The group follows the path a bill takes in becoming a law. Meetings are held to propose legislation to be brought to the statewide legislative session. Schedule: Bi-weekly meetings from October to February. Members will meet on a weekly basis in March in preparation for the Model Legislature session held the last weekend in March. Members chosen to serve as statewide leaders will be required to attend additional meetings of training for their assigned roles.
  • Current Events Club

    Interested in keeping up with national and world events? Club members will select and share a few brief articles from the library’s The Week magazine to discuss together. Conversation will be casual and, together, club members will consider what has made the news each month.
    Schedule: TBA
  • Debate Club

    Debate Club is a student-centered group that strives to train students in the art of debate – including developing skills in reason, critical-thinking, impromptu public-speaking, and research – by debating interesting and controversial topics. All students are welcome to participate. No previous experience is necessary.
  • Mock Trial

    The Mock Trial competes in a statewide tournament against other area secondary schools. Within a real court room, team members compete in trials that are conducted by a real judge. Members of the team must first audition and be selected. The purpose of Mock Trial is to promote and develop life skills including communication skills, public speaking, teamwork, critical thinking, citizenship awareness, and leadership. Participation is also an educational exercise intended to promote an understanding and respect for the legal system and its underlying principles of justice, equality, fairness and truth.
  • Model United Nations

    Model United Nations is a conference that is held at prestigious higher education institutions where high school students from around the world are involved in a four day United Nations simulation. Students will assume the roles of UN ambassadors who represent an assigned country by serving on a United Nations committee. The conference provides students with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the way that the United Nations functions, how international negotiations take place, and how resolutions are created and passed. Students will write working papers on modern political issues that represent the perspective of their assigned country, and will learn the complexity of international politics as they respond to political and humanitarian crisis.
  • The Academic Decathlon

    The Academic Decathlon is a scholastic team competition involving students from all point levels. La Salle’s team competes against other Rhode Island high schools in academic disciplines such as science, math, literature, art and music. Participants compete for individual and team medals in a one-day competition held in March. Seniors who win gold medals in individual events also received cash awards.


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  • WLSA/Sports Broadcasting

    WLSA is La Salle Academy’s broadcast journalism club which runs an online broadcast network.  Shows on the network will alternate between a sports shorts “sports wrap” program and the WLSA bi-weekly morning news show.
  • Arts Club

    The Art Club offers students an opportunity to work with various art media in the art studios. Student members can develop their creativity and art making skills in a social setting.
  • Dance Company

    The Dance Company meets weekly for the entire school year. Everyone is welcome to join whether he/she has dance experience or not.  Students will learn techniques in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap and Ballroom Dancing and will also have the opportunity to perform at Christmas at La Salle and the Spring Collage Concert and other events throughout the school year.  Please note that auditions may be required for certain routines/concerts.
  • Drama & Stage Crew

    All students are welcome to audition and perform in the wide variety of plays and musicals presented at La Salle each year. Another great opportunity for students is to work on the stage crew where students learn everything from building a set to working in the box office. Rehearsal schedules vary according to the show, but generally each show rehearses from six to eight weeks.
  • La Salle Chorus

    Chamber Singers
    An auditioned group of 16 singers which performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts and participates in a music festival and competition each spring. Schedule: Rehearsals are every Monday from 7:00am – 8:00am.

    An ensemble which is open to all members of the La Salle community. The choir performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts as well as leading music at all school-wide Masses. Schedule: Rehearsals are Wednesdays from 1:30pm -2:30pm in the Chorus Room.

    Men’s A-Cappella
    Is open to all gentlemen in the La Salle community and performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts. Schedule:  Rehearsals are Fridays from 7:00am – 8:00am

    Mixed A-Cappella 
    Is open to all members of the La Salle community and performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts. Schedule: Rehearsals are Fridays from 7:30am – 8:00am

    Women’s A-Cappella
    Is open to all ladies in the La Salle community and performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts. Schedule: Rehearsals are Wednesdays from 7:30am – 8:00am
  • Performance Bands

    Concert Band
    The La Salle Academy Concert Band currently maintains an annual enrollment of approximately 100 musicians. The ensemble examines music at one of its most important levels – performance. Students enrolled in this course will develop concepts and skills necessary to accurately and effectively perform various styles of music. They will develop their own individual musicianship as well as their ability to be a contributing member of a large ensemble. This award winning ensemble performs at all school concerts as well as at various music festivals from Boston, Ma. to Williamsburg, Va.

    Jazz Band/Ensemble 
    The La Salle Academy Jazz Studies program consists of two extracurricular ensembles: The Jazz Band strives to maintain the traditional “Big Band” Era instrumentation. The group performs music from the “Big Band” Era as well as Latin, funk, jazz-rock, and contemporary jazz. This group is open to all wind players; rhythm section members are admitted by audition only. The Jazz Ensemble is an ensemble rooted in the jazz combo tradition. The group consists of four to six serious jazz musicians and is open by audition or invitation only. Students deeply explore arranging and improvisation. Both ensembles perform at all school concerts as well as performances in the local community, at various school functions, and at music festivals from Boston, Ma. to Williamsburg, Va.

    String Orchestra
    The La Salle Academy String Orchestra examines music at one of its most important levels – performance. Students enrolled in this course will develop concepts and skills necessary to accurately and effectively perform various styles of music. They will develop their own individual musicianship as well as their ability to be a contributing member of a large ensemble. This award winning ensemble performs at all school concerts as well as at various music festivals from Boston, Ma. to Williamsburg, Va. Open to all students who have prior experience on an orchestral string instrument.

    Wind Ensemble
    The La Salle Academy Wind Ensemble maintains an annual enrollment of approximately thirty musicians.  The ensemble, made up of mostly juniors and seniors, examines music at one of its most important levels – performance.  Open by audition or invitation only, we strive to perform music on a deeper and more serious level.  This award winning ensemble performs at all school concerts as well as at various music festivals from Boston, Ma. to Williamsburg, Va.    
  • Photography Club

    The Photography Club offers students the opportunity to engage in various photographic activities and projects. Students are introduced to traditional wet darkroom processes and may also choose to edit their digital photographs. Members can share and discuss their work and are encouraged to enter high school photography competitions. 


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  • Alliance Francaise

    The Alliance Francaise Junior is sponsored by the Alliance Francaise of Providence and is open to any student who wishes to expand his/her personal experience with the French language and French and Francophone cultures. Students actively participate in choosing and planning the year’s schedule of events, which may include French films at school or at local film festivals, cooking classes, dinner at French restaurants, tasting events, artistic activities, celebrations of holidays celebrated from the Francophone world, and celebration of National French Week. 
  • La Societa Italiana

    La Societa Italiana is a club designed to promote an understanding of Italian culture. Monthly after-school meetings include events such as films, cooking lessons, Christmas celebrations, bocce tournaments and slide presentations. Membership is open to all who study Italian and to other interested students.
  • Spanish Club

    The Spanish Club’s purpose is to create a fun and comfortable environment where students can appreciate and learn about Hispanic culture and the Spanish language using movies, discussion, and food activities.

Math and Science

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  • Science Olympiad, R.I.

    Want to build a bridge? Can you troubleshoot an electrical circuit? Identify an insect or just construct a device from a description written by another student? Maybe you’ve always wanted to build a “Rube Goldberg Machine?” Join a team of fellow students who wish to relish the challenge of sharpening their skills in some of the twenty areas of challenge and while working toward going to the State Tournament at Rhode Island College to compete against other schools – with the hope of bringing back medals and a trophy. Science Olympiad is about developing skills and interests, about networking and doing real science and engineering, about pushing yourself to excel in your chosen field while enjoying yourself at the same time. Are YOU up to the challenge?
  • Stock Market Club

    The Stock Market Club is open to all students with varying knowledge of the Stock Market. Students are given “virtual cash” to buy and sell shares on the major U.S. stock exchanges. Meetings are after school and will be set by members. Students with other commitments are welcome since stock trading can be done at any time…even on weekends.
  • ACE Mentoring

    ACE Rhode Island gives Providence area high school students a chance to work closely with building industry professionals who help them explore the many opportunities available in architecture, construction and engineering. As mentors, these professionals describe industry career paths and rewards while also working with the students on a range of unique and exciting design projects. Field trips to mentors’ offices as well as tours of actual jobsites show the students how different profession work together to bring demanding construction projects to completion.
  • Aries Astronomy Club

    Aries is one of the constellations visible in the northern hemisphere. It is located between Pisces to the west and Taurus to the east. The name “Aries” is Latin for “ram,” and its symbol is a ram’s horns.
    The club will serve the needs of current students who express an interest in learning about all things astronomical. The club plans to meet twice a month following dismissal and also will offer trips to various astronomy-related, stargazing hotspots and sites of interest. Meetings may include lecture-style informational sessions and discussions about black holes, constellations and gravitational waves in addtion to any/all upcoming celestial viewing events.
    Schedule: Twice monthly, TBA
  • Computer Science Club

    The Computer Science Club offers students the opportunity to learn about various computer science topics. The club is student-driven, and the topics and activities will be led by students at each meeting. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to: Python, Java, Scratch, App Inventor, networking, cyber security, and hacking.
  • Math Teams

    American Mathematics Competition
    The AMC is a nation-wide contest for high school students sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America and supported by 17 other professional societies.  It is designed to foster interest in mathematical problem-solving.  This challenging contest is part of a sequence of contests designed to identify the very best mathematical talent in the country.

    Calculus League
    The Calculus League is for students who are taking, or have taken, Calculus. The material from the contests is taken from a typical AP Calculus course, and the problems are often unusual and interesting. There are four 40 minute competitions per year (calculator allowed) that take place here at La Salle. No additional time commitment is required. Scores are submitted for comparison with other participating schools.

    Freshman Continental Math League
    Open to freshmen, the monthly contests are held at La Salle and each contains six questions with scores reported and compared to other teams throughout the Northeast.

    New England Math League
    This is open to all students. The NE Math League is a monthly individual competition consisting of six questions.  Student scores are posted to the league site after each contest.  We also hold monthly practice sessions before each contest, so the club meets between 12 and 15 times per year from September – March.

    Rhode Island Math League
    The Math Team competes against other Rhode Island schools throughout the state. There are four meets per year. At each meet, students will be placed in three subject rounds which include challenging problems from topics of algebra, analytical geometry, arithmetic, geometry, number theory, matrices, probability, statistics, and trigonometry as well as a team round which encompasses multiple topics. Schedule: September through March; Practices are weekly for the four meets during the regular season, possibly continuing through April based on the state playoff meet.
  • Robotics Club

    The La Salle Academy Robotics Club offers our students an array of unique skills and a practical approach to critical thinking and problem solving while developing a highly functional robot. Robotics Club participants will work in various teams to execute different aspects of the club’s goals. These include construction, programming, operations, publicity, executive leadership and marketing/business. Each member will experience overall Robot design, mechanical drive base, mechanical appendage (arms, lifts, grippers, etc.), motor transmission, strategy, animation, pneumatics and hydraulics. The Robotics Club also places an emphasis on solid club organization and leadership skills. The Robotics Club will also participate in various competitions (FIRST) throughout the year.
  • Women in STEM

    The Women in STEM club aims to develop students’ interest and knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Activities include guest speakers (particularly women who are in STEM-based careers), group discussions on current topics, offering tutoring services in STEM subjects to the student body, lab activities, and coding workshops.


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  • Literary Magazine

    Students submit original artwork and non-academic writing (poetry, short stories, reflective pieces, plays, etc.) to a student and faculty panel. Pieces in all genres are selected and published. Literary magazine staff members will work with faculty moderators to design theme, layout, and table of contents and see publication through to publicity and circulation. Students can submit their work, be on the staff, or both. Schedule: TBA
  • Maroon and White

    The Newspaper Club publishes the La Salle Academy newspaper, the Maroon and White as a web-based publication. Basic newspaper skills (objective reporting, types of articles, and photography) are taught, and website design and layout will be explored. The club meets each week to discuss article ideas, meet with the moderators, and write. Topics include every pertinent part of La Salle Academy life and current events in Rhode Island, the nation, and the world as appropriate and timely. Staff members will be drawn from the student body. The website will be updated continuously throughout the year.
  • Voices, Ink.

    Voices, Ink. is a student driven, creative club that focuses on the creation and appreciation of original pieces of literature, including poetry, short stories, novels, songs, drawings, paintings, and photography. The weekly meetings involve students sharing their original works, and receiving feedback, if requested, as well as viewing and reading works of interest by established writers and participating in on-the-spot creative writing prompts. Quarterly, the club holds public performances, called “coffee houses,” in order to build camaraderie, showcase talent, and share original pieces work with a public audience. The club also spearheads the publication of Journées, La Salle’s literary magazine.
  • Yearbook

    This yearbook staff is open to all students in grades 9 through 12. Students have the opportunity to help with page design, captioning and layout, as well as photography. Seniors have the additional privilege of selecting the theme and the cover design for their yearbook. Students can work on their assigned pages at weekly meeting and at home.

Community Service

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  • La Salle Ambassadors

    Students who serve as La Salle Ambassadors will assist at Advancement/Alumni Office events, serving as greeters, tour guides and event assistants as needed throughout the year.
  • Best Buddies

    Best Buddies is dedicated to establishing one-to-one friendships between La Salle students and Meeting Street School students who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through these friendships, La Salle students learn firsthand about the power of inclusion and acceptance. Club members travel to Meeting Street every Wednesday and participate in various activities with their buddies. Other special events throughout the year include dances, bowling, lunches at La Salle, “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign, and holiday parties. La Salle students also contribute “Friendship Updates” through Best Buddies Online, and have access to a variety of resources from this regional and international organization.
  • Lasallian Youth

    Lasallian Youth is a student-based club committed to the principles of faith, service, and community. Beyond La Salle Academy, it is an international organization of young people who put their faith into action. Service to others is a key component of Lasallian Youth. Members of the club serve at local agencies as well as regional efforts; paying mind to the social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all people. Students have the opportunity to attend the annual Lasallian Youth Assembly where they meet, serve, and worship with Lasallians nationwide. The group meets once a week, serves in the local community during the week and participates in opportunities on weekends and school breaks. Some of the agencies we partner with include Mary House, Amos House, the Kennedy School, and the Breadlines project. Schedule: Meets every Thursday at 7:40AM in Campus Ministry.
  • Pro-Life

    Our group aims at attracting students who respect all life and wish to be part of spreading the message and helping those in need. We strive to bring awareness of Pro-Life issues as well as help those outside of La Salle facing difficult Pro-Life decisions. Our focus has been to offer opportunities of service and awareness to our members at the national, state, diocesan level, as well as the La Salle community.
  • Social Concerns

    The Social Concerns group is devoted to helping the less fortunate and is dedicated to those living in poverty. The group’s principal focus is serving the poor of Rhode Island as well as our twinned school in Kenya. If there is a natural disaster elsewhere, however, we will respond with help. The group sponsors the Rice Bowl/Twinning fundraising during the weeks of Lent, the Thanksgiving Drive by collecting money for local agencies, and the Adopt-a-Family program during Advent. For Christmas, each homeroom will “adopt-a-family” in need in RI and allow them to have a Merry Christmas. This is very rewarding activity and aims for 100% school participation. As other needs occur, this group is ready, willing, and able to help.
  • Student Council

    The La Salle Student Council consists of class officers and a Student Senate made up of class representatives.  The two groups work in tandem to provide for the entire student body and La Salle Academy.
    There are sixteen class officers (four from each class) and twenty class representatives (five from each class).  In addition, the Council elects an Executive Board to run the Senate.
    The mission and purpose of Student Council is to:
    1. Serve as the chief vehicle of communication between students, faculty and administration.
    2. Coordinate student activities, i.e. dances, “Spirit Week,” Harvest Ball, class assemblies, etc.
    3. Promote school pride, traditions, and spirit.
    4. Initiate plans regarding school policy, activities, and school environment.
    5. Develop and explore new and creative ideas, events, and activities.
  • Youth in Action

    This group focuses on promoting and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.  The issues of underage substance abuse, and stress/anxiety, which factor into a student’s overall character and school experience are addressed in weekly meetings and school-wide activities.  Students in this group compete in the annual Mocktail Competition, facilitate Prom Promises and Red-Ribbon Week, and bring awareness to the health and safety of all students through advocacy programming.

Social Clubs

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  • Altar and Prayer Club

    This club is open to all La Salle students. In it we will learn about the celebration of the Roman Catholic Mass. One of the goals is to develop proficient student Altar Servers, Lectors and Sacristans to assist the Chaplain or visiting priest with daily and school wide Masses. Students showing a strong reverence and belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist may be eligible to be trained and serve as Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist.
    Coupled with this, the club will explore various prayers and devotions such as the Rosary and the Liturgy of the Hours which will hopefully result in the forming of small prayer groups within and outside of the club. The club will also learn about the lives of the many saints in the Church. We will look for opportunities to visit and learn about some of the historic churches in the area, to include our own Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, and to attend and participate in some of the major events in some of the parishes in the area, (such as Our Lady of Fatima procession, the Chrism Mass, the Latin Mass, and Solemn Vespers). We will meet weekly at the beginning of the academic year to prepare for the major La Salle Academy liturgies and once every two weeks after All Saints Day.
  • Animal Interest Club

    The Animal Interest Club is for students who are interested in the science and service of animals. On the science side, the club strives to explore careers in animal science, veterinary medicine, and wildlife. The club also hopes to get involved in animal-focused community service like dog park cleanup or volunteering at a local shelter.
  • Baking Club

    The Baking Club is open to all students at La Salle Academy who are interested in baking, learning new techniques, and sharing recipes. The club also participates in “Baking for a Cause” by donating some of our baked goods to McAuley House.
  • Book Club

    The Book Club will meet monthly to discuss, interpret, and analyze both contemporary and classic literature.  Students and moderators will vote on books, read them, and then come together to discuss their thoughts and interpretations.  It is open to all students and every reading level is welcome.
  • Chess Club

    Chess Club welcomes all students, from absolute beginner to grand master, and all levels in between! If you want to learn chess, advance your skills, compete for a place on the team or just play the occasional game, call in on your next available Monday. From January until March, we compete against other local schools in the Interscholastic League. There are opportunities for playing at the Varsity or Junior Varsity level, together with entering the State “Blitz” (5 minutes on the clock) Tournament. For players who want to take their chess to the next level, we offer help in applying to the United States Chess Federation (USCF) and in getting an individual chess rating. Chess club understands that many of our players have other commitments and students who have sports or activities which run at the same time are encouraged to join us whenever they have a free evening. Check out our website: 
  • Club Teeniors

    The primary purpose of Club Teeniors is to cultivate personal and meaningful relationships between La Salle students and our elderly neighbors in nearby senior centers, moving beyond the borders of our campus to extend our Lasallian mission to our local community in a positive way. Students will be provided with the opportunity to cultivate one-on-one connections with residents by participating in a myriad of activities which will include, but are not limited to, students corresponding as pen-pals, filming and sending uplifting videos, creating thoughtful care packages, planning, and putting on a variety of in-person social events, to name a few. This ministry of presence will provide companionship to our elderly neighbors while providing our students with an opportunity to grow as young men and women for others, who recognize the dignity of every human person.
  • Diversity Committee

    The Diversity Committee is a student-led group that works to generate awareness about social issues related to diversity throughout the school with the intention of creating a more equitable school culture and experience. Students plan, design, organize, and facilitate events, campaigns, public addresses and prayers that support the integration of the diversity of cultures and identities represented in the community of La Salle
  • Fencing Club

    Fencing is a modern sport that combines history, athleticism, strategy, and modern technology. Fencers learn technique, self-confidence, and control in an environment of enthusiasm and safety. The Fencing Club is open to all students at La Salle (grades 6 – 12), whether experienced or beginners. All equipment is provided. The club meets one afternoon per week (likely Mondays, starting in early September.  Students are bussed at 3:00 p.m. from La Salle to the Rhode Island Fencing Academy & Club in East Providence, RI at 14 Almeida Street. Practice fruns from 3:30 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Students must provide their own transporation home from the East Providence facility as there is no return bus to La Salle.
  • Gaming Club

    The Gaming Club is open to all students of La Salle Academy throughout the year. Our most common activities include a “Super Saturday” held from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM one Saturday per month along with other smaller sessions after school as determined by the members and co-moderators. With over 200 members, we include a large variety of games, whether it is Ping Pong, board, card, computer, console, or other types of games. For those interested in a new computer, we also help to educate you how to build your own. Although we meet regularly to organize our activities, most communication is done through our twitter account: @LSAGC.
  • La Salle Equestrian Team

    An Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) rider’s journey starts with the desire to be part of a team.  Whether the team is the partnership between rider and horse or the team that consists of old and new friends at the barn, an IEA rider has the opportunity to develop competitive riding skills, make lasting memories, and further their riding ability in college and beyond. 

    Coached by Dina Patnaud, La Salle students of four different levels: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Open in Grades 6 through 12 are welcomed to join the team. 

    And the best part is, IEA riders do not need to own a horse or tack to participate, making it an affordable way to participate in equestrian sport. IEA Forms must be completed by August 30 and the show season begins in September.

    The team plans to participate in five Interscholastic Equestrian Association shows during the 2022-2023 school year. To sign-up or to get more information, please contact Dina Patnaud at (401) 935-7775 or by email at
    • Competition season 2022-23:  August 1 – April 30.
    • The 2023 IEA Hunt Seat National Finals will be held April 26 – April 30, 2023 at Tryon International Equestrian Center in Tryon, NC. 
    Dina Patnaud, Team Trainer
    Willow Brook Farm
    Great Road, Lincoln RI
  • Outdoor Club

    The Outdoor Club offers students the opportunity to spend time together in nature. Outdoor activities include hiking, cycling, kayaking and ice skating. During the winter, activities may include indoor rock climbing, roller skating, and visits to a trampoline park. Activities are determined by student votes with approval from the Student Life Office, and new activities may proposed at any time. The club is open to all students in grades 9 through 12.
La Salle Academy is a high school rich in history and grounded in the person and teachings of Jesus and the Catholic faith, which are core to the school's life and culture. The De La Salle Middle School provides a strong holistic foundation for students to transition into high school. The high school and middle school provide students of diverse ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds, a community to foster growth in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle’s ideals of faith, service, and community.