College Counseling

La Salle Academy’s College Counseling Department seeks to promote the personal growth of students and to provide them with the strategies necessary for educational, career, and social development.

College Matriculation for 2022


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  • Confidentiality

    An important obligation of college counselors is to maintain the confidentiality of their students. College counselors are obliged not to disclose information that a student has shared, within the context of the counseling relationship, unless such disclosures are necessary to protect the student from posing a serious threat to him/herself or others.

  • The Role of College Counselors

    La Salle Academy's College Counseling team provides comprehensive advisement to students and their families throughout the college selection and application process. By working closely with class deans and faculty, counselors help students find a post-secondary option that best fits their strengths, interests, and goals.

  • Working Together

    Preventive and developmental counseling helps students cope with the stresses and pressures that affect their personal development and academic performance.

    In theory, the College Counseling Department does distinguish between counseling (dealing with such personal matters as emotional issues or social adjustment problems), advising (academic matters) and post secondary planning. In practice, our approach is more holistic.

    Although each counselor’s primary responsibility is counseling and advising, the department works collaboratively with the principal, vice-principal for academics, vice-principal for student life, deans, teachers, parents, and other school personnel to ensure continuity and effectiveness in dealing with the whole student.

College Counseling

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  • Junior Year Counseling

    College Counselors support students as they:

    • Transition from school counseling to college counseling.
    • Strive for academic success in preparation for college.
    • Decide on a standardized test plan (SAT and/or ACT).
    • Explore ways to showcase their strengths and individual talents.
    • Take on leadership roles in school clubs and athletics.
    • Further developing their time management skills.
    • Guide students through course selection process
    • Work with students to develop college lists and assist with the college application process
    • Host evening presentations for parents 
    • Attend meeting with college representatives(seniors)
    • Attend college/career fair (juniors/sophomores) 
    • Optional workshops throughout the school year/summer
    • Assist with the NCAA Eligibility process
    This is an exciting year – one full of planning and dedication. We encourage students to work to their fullest potential and experience everything La Salle Academy has to offer.
  • Senior Year Counseling

    • Meet with your college counselor to finalize your school list and the college application process.
    • Complete your senior survey, list of activities, parent brag sheet, and teacher letter of recommendation form (if it wasn’t completed over the summer).
    • If you plan on competing in Division I or II athletics in college, meet with Mrs. Casey to review the requirements and register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.
    • Register for college appointments through Naviance and meet with representatives from schools that visit La Salle in the first and second quarters.
    • Be aware of college application deadlines (most are due between October 15, and February 1).
    • If you’re applying early decision, schedule a meeting with your college counselor to review the requirements for that college/university.
    • Complete the common application, school-specific applications, and your college essay.
    • Create an FSA ID, complete the FASFA (starting on Oct. 1), and CSS Profile (if required).
    • Match your common application to your Naviance Student account and add any non-common application schools to the list of colleges you’re applying to.
    • Complete the transcript request form. This allows your college counselor to submit your official documents to colleges and universities. Transcript forms must be submitted ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE of any college application deadline.
    • Request your teacher recommenders in Naviance.
    • Submit your standardized test scores from College Board/ACT to colleges, as students are responsible for electronically sending these scores to colleges/universities.
    • Continue to work hard in the classroom; your senior grades count in the college application process.
    • Update your list of colleges if you’re applying to additional schools.
    • Visit colleges you’re interested in, attend college open houses, register for information sessions that are specific to your major, and/or interview with admission representatives.

Faculty & Staff

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  • Photo of ConiSue King

    ConiSue King 

    Director of School and College Counseling
    (401) 351-7750 ext 124
  • Photo of Erin Casey

    Erin Casey 93

    College Counselor
    (401) 351-7750 ext 145
  • Photo of Sara Cronin

    Sara Cronin 

    College Counselor
    (401) 351-7750 ext 125
  • Photo of Kristin Vadeboncoeur

    Kristin Vadeboncoeur 98

    College Counselor
    (401) 351-7750 ext 155
  • Photo of Lee Matteson

    Lee Matteson 

    School and College Counseling Administrative Assistant
    (401) 351-7750 ext 128
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