De La Salle Middle School

Our Mission

The De La Salle Middle School has as its mission the education of adolescents of diverse backgrounds, with a special concern for the working class and the poor, in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle’s ideals of faith, service, and community, preparing its students for La Salle Academy’s Catholic college preparatory program.

Vision Statement

The De La Salle Middle School promotes a nurturing environment that empowers and equips adolescents with the twenty-first century skills and religious formation needed for a rapidly changing world. The middle school is committed to creating a multi-disciplinary, innovative learning environment focused on the knowledge, skills, and values essential to life-long learning, responsible citizenship and service to God.

Guiding Principles

Our comprehensive middle school program will incorporate:
  • A spirit of faith and zeal as a community of learners and decision-makers
  • Values of faith, service, and community inspired through service learning
  • A partnership with parents to nurture and guide their child through the challenges of adolescence
  • A multi-disciplinary, skills-based approach to learning
  • A designed-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum
  • A Liberal Arts (Language Arts, Social Studies, and Modern Language) and Fine Arts (Visual and Performance) curriculum
  • Learning through a differentiated, experiential, and collaborative process
  • A rigorous and integrated use of technology to interpret, analyze, compose, and communicate
  • Active engagement in the learning process within the classroom and in learning opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Development of critical and creative thinking skills
  • Flexible grouping enhancing the development of student ownership to achieve academic potential
  • Multiple forms of assessment that allow students to demonstrate understanding in various ways