La Salle Scholars

Within every academic community, there are students who are blessed with an advanced capacity for learning. The La Salle Scholars Program at La Salle Academy is a program carefully designed to optimize the intellectual and personal growth of these gifted high school students.
In creating the La Salle Scholars Program, La Salle Academy has developed a unique sequence offering each student an opportunity to broaden and deepen knowledge, and to explore a college and career focus. The La Salle Scholars Program builds on La Salle Academy’s long tradition of educational excellence. Students are invited and recommended by faculty to consider the additional rewards of this extraordinary learning opportunity.

The core focus of the La Salle Scholars Program, are Gifted/Talented Students who are given the opportunity to investigate an interest at a higher level of cognitive, critical and divergent thinking. The Program’s solid objective focus is on the long-term development of investigations, therefore, enhancing intellectual ability, creativity, task commitment, and leadership skills. Clearly with an emphasis on lifelong learning, the student is offered the opportunity to balance academics, extracurricular activities and community service commitments.

Program Criteria

Student must be a participant of the .1 Integrated Honors Program, achieve a Grade Point Average of 85 and above, demonstrate evidence of talent or giftedness: Above Average Intelligence, Creativity, Task Commitment and be dedicated and motivated to explore an area or areas of interest.

Application Process

  1. Students are first introduced to the program and application process by the Director of La Salle Scholars. This is done during the student’s resource period during Freshman year. 
  2. Application packets are then distributed to students interested in applying. 
  3. Applicants are given a strict deadline date for submission of packet contents and sample product 
  4. Evaluation Committee select those students who fulfill the profile of the gifted/talented student 
  5. Student and parent(s) are notified of acceptance 

For more information please contact the director, Jeff Danielian or 401 351 7750 ext. 144.