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Ten students accompanied by Mr. Elmer Vargas (Modern Languages teacher) and Ms. Tarra Dayton (De La Salle Middle School teacher) spent February vacation at the San Miguel High School in Tucson, Arizona participating in a program called "El Otro Lado."  The students studied immigration issues from multiple perspectives.  They visited border patrol, met with attorneys and watched proceedings at the district courthouse, hiked migrant trails, and visited shrines honoring migrants who died while trying to cross the border.  The students who participated were:  Ricky Beretta, Gian DePamphilis, Chiara DiPalma, Ethan Ennis, Wandy Montilla, Kara Quinn, Alex Ragosta, Christopher Riccitilli, Meghan Rollinson, and Blair Skeffington.

Video description of program done by the host school, San Miguel HS (a Lasallian School)