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Another recent and notable development has been the strengthening, on the part of the De La Salle Christian Brothers at La Salle Academy and around the world, of the ties to their roots. The Brothers with the faculty and staff at La Salle have actively shared this renewal. Lasallian schools have rediscovered the wisdom and effectiveness of St. La Salle’s approaches to education. And teachers have been invigorated by his sense of purpose, his goodness, and his spirituality. 

The true success of La Salle Academy has been the graduates who have contributed to their communities and have remained faithful to the Gospel values of faith, hope, and love: values nurtured, perhaps even acquired, at La Salle. La Salle’s graduates can be found across the globe. They include five bishops, many brothers and priests, a Nobel laureate, Pulitzer Prize winners, an Attorney General of the United States, United States Senators and Representatives, and Governors of the State of Rhode Island. However, the greatest successes of all occur when La Salle reaches the children of the “working classes and the poor,” remaining faithful to the vision of the Founder.
As La Salle Academy prepared to enter the 21st century the grounds and structure of the school underwent their biggest physical change since the opening of the new building in 1925. In 1989, the De La Salle Christian Brothers were given governance of La Salle by the Diocese of Providence. In 2000, the McLaughlin Athletic Center and the Brother Michael Mc Kenery Arts Center were opened to further expand the horizons of La Salle students both physically and artistically. In 2004, the Shea Science and Student Center was opened so that the Academy could remain on the cutting edge of science education. In the fall of 2011, the Cronin Fields and Cimini Stadium were completely renovated and a competition track and synthetic field were installed. The new century dawned with La Salle Academy continuing its tradition of excellence, committed to the Gospel values of Jesus Christ and its patron saint, St. John Baptist de La Salle. 

Proud of its tradition and heritage, constantly aware of its origin in, and continued dedication to, educating the children of the working class and the poor, and imbued with incredibly strong values, La Salle Academy students and faculty continue to add to the legacy begun in 1871.