A Message from Brother Dennis Malloy FSC, President and Donald Kavanagh '69, Principal.

Dear Parents and Guardians:

During the past six or seven weeks the La Salle Academy administration has been working with our faculty and staff to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year.  As the Governor stated in the press conference on June 11th, 2020 “The goal today is that we return to full in-person school this fall on August 31st.”
Our efforts to meet this goal will coincide with the information from the planning guidance for schools, subject to the latest information from the RI Department of Health, the RI Department of Education, the CDC , and the Governor’s Office.  Given the uncertainty of the spread of COVID-19 all schools are charged to be ready for multiple reopening scenarios ranging from limited to full in-person instruction.  “Back to School RI” forms the framework for us to prepare for the full range of scenarios based on current health and safety considerations.
La Salle Academy currently has three committees researching, discussing, and planning in the areas of Physical Distancing for Health & Safety, Curriculum, and the School Schedule.  The goal will be to have each of these committees report out their findings and recommendations specific to our school, in order to further develop a plan for reopening in August.
Based upon the health and safety mandates put out by the CDC, La Salle Academy has retained the services of the local architectural firm, Robinson, Green, and Beretta Group (RGB), to do a spatial analysis of our school buildings in order to ascertain the number of students who can safely be in the school buildings at any one time.
We will be assessing class and group size limits; classroom layouts; cleaning protocols; face coverings; screening students and staff; school schedules; visitors; busing and transportation; and responding to staff or students who are sick. The guidance outlines policies required to safely reopen, as well as recommendations for implementation in each school.  We hope to form partnerships with each of our families as we move through this pandemic to a hopeful future.
La Salle Academy will provide information biweekly, as it is developed between now and the opening of school.  We will have our plan available on the La Salle Academy website by July 31st
Donald J. Kavanagh, AFSC  
Br. Dennis Malloy, FSC