Coronavirus Update 3/13/2020

March 13, 2020 2:30 PM

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The RI Departments of Health and Education have moved the April vacation break up to next week starting Monday, March 16. That means we should be returning to school on Monday, March 23. If necessary, virtual learning will begin on Monday, March 23.

So, all students have been advised to take home all necessary learning materials and to check their La Salle email daily. All extra-curricular activities including athletics have been suspended until further notice. All students and faculty are asked to avoid large groups or public places as malls to avoid out of state travel to help contain the virus.

Let's please keep in our prayers all those affected by this health crisis.

March 13, 2020 8:00 AM

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

There have been many new developments around the world and in our small Lasallian community since the school’s last correspondence. At this time, we wanted to update you on some of our newest cleaning protocols and procedure changes during the school day. Please note that this is a very fast-moving situation that changes almost hourly, but we are working very hard to upgrade our procedures to address any concerns. What follows will update our response of situations of immediate importance: 
  • First, as promised, new fogging equipment to disinfect high traffic areas was purchased and has been in use for almost one week. 
  • We hired additional cleaning personnel who not only perform regular duties in the classroom, cafeteria, and locker rooms, but also are now tasked with regularly wiping down all handrails and doorknobs in the school multiple times during the day. 
  • Our teachers are making good use of Spray Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant available in each classroom for student desks and doorknobs. 
  • Extra Purell dispensers have been installed throughout the building and the disinfectant solution is replenished whenever needed. 
  • Signs regarding effective hand washing and good hygiene have been posted in all bathrooms in the building. 
  • Only visitors with a valid reason are allowed in the school buildings during the day. Unfortunately, recent graduates will not be granted entry until further notice. 
  • We are adhering strictly to all memoranda issued from the Department of Health and the COVID-19 Leadership Team of Administrators is meeting almost daily to discuss and implement any changes. We also keep abreast of any updates of suggestions from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Brother Dennis and Mr. Kavanagh participate in a weekly conference call with the Department of Health along with administrators of public schools. 
  • Our Academic Council and all departments have been preparing for the possibility of conducting virtual teaching and learning days in the event of a state-mandated school closure. Our teachers are already well-versed in posting lessons and assessments on Google Classroom and communicate quite frequently with their students using Portals. If a closure becomes necessary, our students will be prepared to continue learning online until the threat of the virus abates. 
Please understand that the health and safety of our students and the entire La Salle community is our highest priority. We understand your concerns but trust that we will make the best decisions using the latest information and expert advice provided by our federal and state governments. Clearly, a certain amount of tension has resulted from this health crisis.

Please give credence to the information that we provide to you and not to rumors. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 

Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever! 

The Leadership Team