Some traditional and some new events to mark the Feast of Saint John Baptist de La Salle

On Wednesday, May 15th, La Salle Academy celebrated the feast day of the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the person for whom La Salle Academy is named---Saint John Baptist de La Salle.  May 15th marks the day on which the Catholic Church declared him to be the Patron Saint of All Teachers of Young People.

To mark the day Michael McNamara, AFSC (an affiliated member of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools) led the school community in Morning Prayer over the Public Address system.  He spoke about the contributions of the Brothers to the Lasallian Association of teachers, students, and families.  Following this prayer, Brothers Thomas Gerrow and Frederick Mueller, FSC renewed their vows over the PA.

During the lunches, as is the tradition, members of Campus Ministry and Brothers Robert Hazard and Frederick distributed ice cream treats to over 1500 students, faculty and staff members.  Each one receiving an ice cream also received a greeting of "Happy Founder's Day!"  Groups of students posed with the "Founder" and held signs to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the death of the De La Salle (a year-long celebration).

A new tradition begun was the awarding of De La Salle medals to faculty and staff who had ministered for 25 years or more in Lasallian ministries. Brother Thomas Gerrow, FSC (President) and Mr. Donald Kavanagh, AFSC (Principal) recognized the twenty-one awardees with this longevity of service and bestowed on them an engraved medal bearing the likeness of the Founder.  This ceremony was done at the end of the day at an all-faculty and staff meeting.

A second new tradition was also begun--The Founder's Day of Giving.  This social media event sought to engage 148 new donors to La Salle Academy in order to assist students to maximize their opportunities at La Salle.  The number--148--represents the number of years that La Salle has provided opportunities for its students.  A short video was created for the occasion and distributed through social media and alums who had agreed to promote this new venture.

Thus, Founder's Day was marked by both old traditions and new traditions!