Twelve students and two faculty members are spending their Holy Week (and Spring Break) in Tennessee

While some students and families are vacationing during Spring Break, and others are participating in Spring sports, and others are working, and still others are just relaxing, 14 Lasallians are ministering with the Glenmary Missionaries on Toppa Joppa Mountain in Tennessee.

Here are some thoughts as shared by Ms. Katie Haidemenos, a Campus Minister, who is accompanying the group, along with Ms. Judy Maloney from the Science Department:

Saturday--I am sitting on the couch now in our Toppa Joppa Mountain home listening to the excitement of the kids playing a card game (10 different conversations and loud laughter). It was a very long day but we are all settling in...

Parents: My hope that you all spoke to your children a little while ago and know they are safe and in good spirits. The journey ahead is full of a lot of unknowns which may be anxiety inducing but please know that we are on “God’s Time” giving up any control while having faith that the future is full of being present spreading peace and love to all those we encounter.

Wednesday---Thought you could all use an update today... your children will be exhausted and have tons of stories to share when they return!

We have shopped on a welfare budget, cooked our own meals, attended a fiesta, painted a house, completed yard work, participated in a firehouse fundraiser (song & dance), played bingo with the elderly and visited a children’s home. So many amazing things!

Thursday--Just wanted to send some updates and information regarding the trip home tomorrow...

We enjoyed our night last night at a Baptist service and tonight are off to a store-front bi-lingual Catholic mission church for the washing of the feet. Great Holy Week!

Thanks for your love & support... these kids are amazing and you should be very proud of all they have done this week.