During the week of January 7th La Salle Academy is celebrating the Tercentenary by a commitment to service of the poor.

Haiti Solidarity Week provides an opportunity for La Salle Academy both to raise consciousness about the plight of young people in Haiti and to raise funds for its brother school in Cazeau (just outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti)---the St. Jean Baptiste de La Salle School.

The five days of the week are spent educating students about the development of this school, built in response to the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, and ways in which La Salle Academy has assisted and will continue to assist the growth of this school from a school of 70 students in 2012 to a school of 700 at present.  Each year La Salle Academy has contributed about $10,000.00 for special projects in the school.

Monday: Students were greeted by flyers around the school building announcing the "Hands Out for Haiti" Campaign.  Morning Prayer highlighted the need for assistance.  Members of the Boys' Hockey Team visited homerooms to emphasize the importance of donations by their peers later this week.  Special announcements in the morning homeroom Bulletins and special prayers for before class and at the end of the day were introduced and will continue during the week.

Tuesday: Morning Prayer was offered by an alumna of 2015--a native Haitian--who offered her perspective on Haiti and its people.  The last of the high school homerooms were visited.

Wednesday: Director of Campus Ministry, Christine Estes, offered a Video Prayer for Morning Prayer based on her visit to the Saint Jean Baptiste de La Salle School last May.  Assistant captains of the Boys' Hockey Team spoke to the De La Salle Middle School at their Morning Assembly in preparation for their Dress-Down and Collection Day tomorrow morning.

Thursday: Morning Prayer was offered on the public address system by Brother Frederick Mueller, Coordinator of Lasallian Formation.  Brother's prayer attempted to connect the celebration of the Tercentenary and the Haiti campaign.  During homeroom, students in the De La Salle Middle School made their contributions as they had a "Dress-Down Day."

Friday: Junior Kyle Chelo (a member of the Boys' Hockey Team) offered Morning Prayer for the final day of the Hands Out for Haiti Campaign.  High school students had their dress-down day and made contributions to the campaign.  Members of the Boys' Hockey Team (Varsity and Junior Varsity) "dressed-up" to show their support for the cause.

Preliminary totals for the Campaign indicate that the school set a new record.  The Middle School contributed $2,387.00 and the High School students contributed $9,191.42 for a total of $11,578.42!  That total is $4,000.00 more than the goal.  La Salle Academy and De La Salle Middle School students and families, as well as faculty and staff, certainly demonstrated that, during this Tercentenary Year, they have made their own their Founder's life of and commitment to service---done with a generous heart!