The District of Eastern North America has selected La Salle Academy Director of Campus Ministry for this special honor.

On Friday, 19 October, Mr. Alan Weyland (Director of the Office of Mission and Ministry for the District of Eastern North America) visited La Salle Academy to announce that the District had chosen Director of Campus Ministry, Christine Bridges-Estes, as one of three Distinguished Lasallian Educators to be recognized this year by the District from among its 2,500 educators.

Mrs. Estes was nominated over the Summer by the school administration and the Lasallian Ministry Team. In her nomination letter the Lasallian Ministry Team wrote: We believe that the general criteria are evidenced in her life to a high degree and that the specific criteria of “Lasallians Without Limits” find expression in her ministry with students in the classroom and in the Campus Ministry Office, in her ministry of organizing and leading student service opportunities, and in her ministry of Lasallian formation at La Salle Academy and beyond. A former student wrote: “I firmly believe that St. John Baptist de La Salle would be proud of Mrs. Estes” and one of her colleagues wrote: “Her entire being and personality, her heart and soul, embody the eternal spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle which she willingly shares with the students entrusted to her care.”

Mrs. Estes will receive her award during the Huether Lasallian Conference, a regional gathering in Minneapolis in November, and during the last week of January here at La Salle Academy.