From September 21st to October 21st the International Lasallian Family under the leadership of its Young Lasallians is sponsoring a month of Days of Prayer for Peace.

La Salle Academy is joining fellow Lasallians from around the world during this month of Prayer for Peace.  The theme of the month is: Ignite Our Hearts of Peace.  

La Salle culminated the month of Prayer for Peace on Friday morning, October 19th, with an outdoor rosary for peace to celebrate both the month of the Rosary (and Pope Francis' request that Catholics around the world pray the rosary for peace within the Church) and the end of the International Lasallian Days of Peace.  At the conclusion of the rosary, a balloon rosary held by students and faculty/staff attached to a balloon peace dove lifted to the heavens, carrying the prayers of the La Salle community for peace in our hearts, in our school, in our families, in our community, in our nation, in our Church, and in our world.

On Tuesday evening, 16 October, as the month of Prayer for Peace was drawing to an end, some 40 La Salle Academy and San Miguel School students came together at La Salle for a Celebration of Peace---a peace circle, an expressive arts PeaceLove workshop, and a pizza party.  It was an evening of peace-making and fellowship as Lasallian Youth gathered with Junior Lasallian Youth!

On Friday, 28 September, as part of a Professional Day, Morning Prayer was on the theme of Peace.  As part of the prayer service, teachers reflected on "What brings you peace?" and joined in the creation of a peace sign with their individual reflections.

On Friday, 21 September, students and teachers were invited by the Young Lasallians group at La Salle to wear white in order  to stand in soldiarity with Lasallians aroanund the world in praying for peace on this United Nations International Day of Peace.  School began, as usual, with Morning Prayer over the public address system introducing the school community to the necessity of our being peace-makers.  The entire school then gathered in Cimini Stadium for an Opening of the School Year Mass---an appropriate way of beginning this month of prayer.  During the course of the day a number of teachers prayed for peace in fifteen minute internals as part of a USA Lasallian effort to unite in prayer for peace.  In addition, some classes created origami peace cranes.