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The Brother James Miller, F.S.C., Service and Justice Program at La Salle Academy

This program offers students a variety of service-learning opportunities that allows them to work with and learn from the poorest of the world’s poor. The purpose of the program is to expose students to the great needs that exist in the world and inspire them to be active participants in the building of God’s Kingdom here on earth.  

Who is Brother James Miller

James Miller was a De La Salle Christian Brother from Wisconsin who, after teaching high school in Minnesota, answered the call to serve as a missionary in Central America. He taught high school in Nicaragua for twelve years before moving to Guatemala to work in a program set up by the Brothers to aide and educate young indigenous boys in Huehuetenango. The tumultuous political atmosphere in Central America during the 1980s put anybody who worked with and on behalf of the poor in danger. Like Archbishop Oscar Romero, Jesuit priest Ignacio Ellacuria, and Maryknoll Sister Maura Clarke, Brother James lost his life because he chose to stand with the poor.  He was killed while patching a wall at the school on February 13, 1982. Following his death, the Regional Superior in Guatemala, Brother Paul, said the following: “Brother Santiago (James) died for what he was and for what he stood for – A Christian educator and apostle of the poor and underprivileged, a worker for justice and of social change.”

Br. James Miller…Pray for us!
St. John Baptist de la Salle…Pray for us!
Live Jesus in our hearts…Forever!

The Service Trips

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  • Blackfeet Reservation in Montana

    This program takes place at the De La Salle Blackfeet School in Browning, Montana.  Students spend time in service to the children in the school and to the families on the Native American reservation, finding an appreciation for the Blackfeet culture, as well as for the role of faith, which pervades this Native American community. The Montana experience includes direct contact with the people of the Blackfeet Native American Nation/Reservation, as well as prayer and reflection all in the context of community, simplicity and service-learning. For more information, visit  For the blog from the most recent trip click here Montana2015
  • Camden, New Jersey

    This trip gives students an opportunity to confront urban social justice issues in a prayerful and constructive environment.  During the day, we will work at a variety of work sites: in schools; with hot meals programs; at drop-in centers for persons infected and affected with HIV and AIDS; at housing construction; with the South Jersey Food Bank, and with several other agencies in Camden and the Philadelphia area. In the evening, students will discuss urban poverty, social and economic justice and reflect on our call, as disciples, to embrace a "preferential option for the poor". For more information, please visit the Romero Center website: For the blog from the most recent trip click here Camden2015
  • Glenmary Farm, Toppa Joppa, Tennessee

    Located near Knoxville, Tennessee, Glenmary Farm is a catholic agency dedicated to working with and on behalf of the poor of Appalachia. Volunteers come not only to serve but also to learn about the rich culture and traditions present in this Appalachian region. It aims to broaden volunteers’ understanding of the causes of poverty, oppression, and injustice – and how their life choices can impact these issues. For more information about Glenamry farm, please visit
  • New Orleans, Louisiana

    This trip provides students with a service-learning experience in Post-Katrina New Orleans. In addition to helping in the reconstruction process with Project Homecoming and work with families displaced by the storm, students will have the opportunity to connect with our Lasallian family in New Orleans. For more information go to For the blog from the most recent trip click here NOLA2015
  • Tucson, Arizona

    Students from San Miguel High School in Tucson will lead La Salle students on an eye-opening journey through El Otro Lado, an immersion program that highlights various perspectives on immigration. Over several days, El Otro Lado teaches students about the positions of humanitarian nonprofits, the federal government, Native Americans, and American ranch owners in the Tucson Border Patrol District. The program shows students the physical realities of immigration, empowers them to fight for social justice, and connects the diverse Lasallian community. For more information go to For the blog from the most recent trip click here Tucson2015
  • Apopka, Florida

    Students will work with the Hope Community Center run by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The week is spent working with and learning about the issues faced by farmworkers, especially those who are recent immigrants to America. Spanish or Haitian Kreyol language skills are helpful but not necessary. For more information go to For the blog from the most recent trip click here Apopka2015


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  • Homeroom Retreats

    Each student at La Salle Academy attends retreat during the school year. The retreats are one school day in length with a biblical focus and sacramental experience.

    Freshman Retreat: The La Salle Community 
    Sophomore Retreat: Sharing Our Gifts and Talents with the Community 
    Junior Retreat: Off-Site Ropes Course 
    Senior Retreat: Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Service
  • Kairos

    Kairos is a retreat weekend focused on the message we begin each day with – Remembering we are in God’s holy presence – during both the good times and bad times of life.  If you are a junior or senior interested in getting away from the busy-ness of school and home and spending a fun  weekend eating, talking, and playing with friends new and old, stop by Campus Ministry to pick up an interest form today.
    Kairos retreats for the 2016-2017 school year are being held January 27-29 and March 31-April 2


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  • Lasallian Youth

    Lasallian Youth is an organization committed to the principles of faith, service and community. Members of this organization have worked with local service agencies as well as regional efforts. Students participate in volunteer opportunities at Amos House, McAuley Village, and Mary House--an outreach of St. Patrick's ministries-- all in the city of Providence.  We also have periodic events at the Jeanne Jugan Nursing Home run by the Little Sisters of the Poor in Pawtucket, R.I. Students have attended the annual Lasallian Youth Assembly in Manhattan, New York. Lasallian Youth are part of an international organization of young people who put their faith into action. Service to others is a key component of Lasallian Youth. The group meets weekly, participates in local and nationals conventions, and provides various volunteer service opportunities throughout the year.