School Counseling

Sophomore Counseling

Welcome to your sophomore year at the Academy! During this year, students continue to build on skills introduced during their freshman year, such as organizational skills, time management strategies and conflict resolution. Students begin to explore methods that will provide a better understanding of self within the La Salle community and beyond.
Individually, in small groups, and within classroom presentations, we work hard to assist you in various areas. We believe we will develop students to become well-rounded lifelong learners of high character through our approach which includes:
  • Advancing study habits 
  • Preparing for the PSAT
  • Guiding with course selection  
  • Developing self-advocacy skills
  • Expanding social networks
  • Exploring career/college paths
  • Learning test-taking strategies
  • Handling stress
We continue to promote the School Counseling Office as a place of encouragement and guidance for academic success at La Salle Academy. We offer a safe place for coping with issues relating to high school life.  Students are always welcome to stop by or make an appointment. As a commitment to our mission statement, the Counseling Center plays a vital role in creating a partnership with families of its students. The school strives to create a community where its students coming from varied socioeconomic, ethnic, and family backgrounds, educate one another by mutual understanding and respect, openness of mind in dialogue, and acceptance of the uniqueness and limitations of all.