School Counseling

Freshman Counseling

Freshman Year:
Welcome to your first year at the Academy. Our goal during your freshman year is to assist with the transition and adjustment to La Salle Academy both academically and socially. We encourage all 9th-graders to ask questions, get involved within the community and seek out our school counselors when needed.
Throughout the school year, we work with the freshman class in a variety of areas, including academics, personal/social life and college/career planning. Students are seen throughout the school year in group settings. In addition, students are welcome to visit the school counseling office whenever a need arises. Some of the topics we address to help students succeed include:
  • Setting and reaching academic goals
  • Improving organizational skills
  • Building self-confidence
  • Improving time management
  • Developing positive decision making strategies
  • Conflict resolution
The La Salle Academy School Counseling Office takes pride in assisting all students in their development as members of the La Salle Academy community. Students are always welcome in the School Counseling Office and parents are encouraged to call with any questions/concerns. School Counselors can be reached through the office secretary, Mrs. Ciampanelli, at 351-7750, ext.128