Mission in Action... in NYC

Valentine Lysikatos Carey ‘04, and her husband Erich Carey have been using music to keep their Manhattan neighborhood connected during social distancing. Early during the shelter in place order, some neighbors were playing music from their balcony. Erich, being a professional musician, suggested he set his equipment outside to join the party! The community decided they would gather every night before the 7pm applause for essential workers to enjoy music together.

“Our goal was always to help everyone feel a sense of community and connection. Living in apartments in New York City can be isolating. We wanted people to know they had something to look forward to, and feel a human connection to, on a daily basis. Music brings people together, so it was one small way we could contribute during this time.” said Valentine.

“La Salle instilled a sense of each person’s place and role in our community. I learned that we are all interconnected and that people need one another to get through tough moments, mentally, physically and spiritually. I have held onto the belief that giving back doesn’t necessarily have to result in a grand gesture and that even small actions can have a major impact over time."

For more, watch an interview with them on their local news!