National History Day Winners

The following National History Day Projects were selected to compete at states.
The projects that are bold won an award at the State Level. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

  • Katherine Johnson Breaks Barriers- Addie Mayo
  • In Vitro Fertilization: Breaking Barriers in Reproduction- Anna Wong
  • Women’s Suffrage - Breaking Barriers for Equal Rights- Isabella Berard and Paige McCaughey
  • Breaking The Cinematic Sound Barrier- Wesley Memery
  • The Telegraph’s Impact on Technology and Breaking Barriers in History- Sophia Osmani
  • Women in Jazz- Maya Guterl and Sydney Reis
  • Breaking Barriers: Prudence Crandall- A Heroic Fight Against Slavery- Anna Pan and Jane Zhao First place at states in Group Documentary Category
  • Breaking Barriers to Broadway- Capri Marandola
  • The Discovery of AZT for HIV and AIDS- Kate Vitale- Second place at states in Individual Website Category
  • Making the Connection: How the Telephone Broke Barriers in Communications- Jerry Carino and Kali Hauser- Second place at states in Group Website Category