The La Salle Fund
The La Salle Fund is an important part of the Generations Campaign due to the crucial role it plays in the success of our mission. Your generosity will help us invest $1.5 million in a fund that impacts all areas of our work, including helping working families access a Lasallian education.

Make the Difference

What Your Gift Does.
Your gift to the La Salle Fund impacts each student and ensures that our mission and traditions are passed down to future generations.

The La Salle Fund provides the resources needed to ensure that each student receives a rigorous Lasallian education. While 85% of the cost to educate a student is covered by tuition, the La Salle Fund often covers the difference.

The La Salle Fund also 
ensures that:
  • Tuition remains stable and the budget strong.
  • Financial aid is available.
  • Quality faculty are recruited and retained.
  • Extracurricular activities are vibrant.
  • Technologies and curriculum remain current.

In addition, your support prepares us to meet unexpected expenses, such as implementing safety measures to protect our students, teachers, and staff during COVID-19.

Your Choice.
When you give to the La Salle Fund, you can choose how your generosity is used; you can allocate your gift to help with pressing needs, earmark it for tuition assistance, or direct it to the President’s Special Needs Fund.

Regardless of where you choose for it to go, supporting the La Salle Fund 
“touches the minds and hearts of the students entrusted to our care.”

Support the Future. Honor the Past.

While giving to Generations is investing in the future, it's also honoring Lasallians of the past.

It's in this spirit that we ask you to support the La Salle Fund. Help future generations understand the importance of praying: Live, Jesus, in our hearts – just as our students have since 1871.

Please give today.
Have a Question? Contact:

Tom Glavin '70
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
La Salle Academy

(401) 351-7750 (ext 195)

Debra Konicki
Director of Leadership Giving
La Salle Academy

(401) 351-7750 (ext 135)