Support Our Mission
Click below for a list of Endowment and Scholarship Funds in our most current President’s Report.


Nowhere is one’s loyalty to La Salle more clearly demonstrated than through the establishment of an Endowed Fund. By creating an Endowed Fund you help ensures that future generations will continue to experience La Salle’s educational excellence.

Endowment Funds – whether individual or class based – are held in perpetuity, invested wisely and are counted as part of the school’s overall endowment.  As established by the LSA Board of Directors, once the minimum threshold of $50,000 is reached, the interest generated by an endowment fund may be used to provide tuition assistance to financially deserving students or other designated purposes while leaving the principle left untouched. Established endowment funds are a meaningful way to support the LSA Mission.

Scholarship Information

A Scholarship Fund, unlike endowment funds, exclusively provides annual tuition assistance and the donor may use specific criteria to award the scholarship money to a student. Since Scholarships are not held in perpetuity and are awarded on a year to year basis, in order for a donor to “name” a scholarship, La Salle seeks a commitment level of  a minimum pledge of four years to provide financial assistance to a deserving student throughout his/her high school years. 
For more information on how to create an endowment fund or scholarship, please contact Tom Glavin '70, Vice President of Advancement at (401) 351-7750 x195 or