Newly Enrolled Student Information 2022-23

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  • Athletics

    Fall Athletics reporting dates can be found by clicking the link below.

    Fall Athletics Reporting Date  

    Contact information for all of our coaches can be found using the link below

    Rams Athletics Coaches
  • Bring Your Own Device - Computer Needs

    La Salle Academy’s BYOD Program

    La Salle Academy has a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) program. Every student is required to have some form of mobile learning device.   The purpose is to enhance our curriculum by providing students with a form of direct classroom interaction through the use of technology. This allows teachers to continue to seamlessly integrate technology into the curriculum while allowing students the freedom to interact with content in a multitude of ways. 
    Technology Readiness for Students
    Digital Citizenship has been implemented into the curriculum to help students understand how to use technology appropriately.  Freshmen will receive a more in depth exploration in their course of studies.
    General Device Requirements
    • 7 inch display minimum
    • Battery life of 4-5 hours (minimum)
    • Must be able to connect to La Salle Academy’s wireless network
    • No phones

    La Salle cannot be a purchasing agent for any devices.

    Some Possible Devices
    • Apple Laptops
    • PC Laptops
    • Chromebooks
    • Surface tablets
    • iPads
    • Android tablets

    There are numerous other devices, too many to know or determine issues. 

    We do not provide more specific device recommendations to allow for flexibility for each student. The main goal of any device is that the student is comfortable with the device, and it allows the student to be productive.  The best recommendation is to choose a device with which your student is already familiar in order to minimize any learning curve.If you have any questions, please contact Amy Sanga at
  • Calculator Information

    All students are required to have a TI-Nspire graphing calculator for their math class next school year. The Nspire will be used in the core math courses, in science classes, and in many of the math electives offered at La Salle.

    The model of calculator that we recommend you purchase is the TI-Nspire CX II (the CAS model is not permitted on the ACT). Teachers will use this technology in the classroom with students each year. We also recommend the package that includes the handheld calculator and student software that can be used on a personal computer. Please save the student computer software information in the packaging.

    In order to assist you in determining the best place to purchase the calculator we have provided some online retailers below although you can purchase the calculator at other online and local stores as well.

    Amazon -

    Best Buy –

    Staples -

    Lastly, before you discard the packaging, please remove the entire back panel that includes the Technology Rewards Points and the UPC. The value of these points cannot be overstated as they can be redeemed for additional products to use with the Nspires in the classroom. Please have your son/daughter bring the back panel to their teacher on the first day of school or, if more convenient, you can send it to La Salle over the summer to the attention of the Math Department.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
  • Meet the Dean of the Class of 2026

    We are excited to announce the Dean of the Class of 2026.  The following announcement was shared with the La Salle community. If you have any questions you can reach out to Dean Notargiacomo at

    "I am honored and privileged to appoint Mrs. Mandy Notargiacomo to the position of Dean and particularly to serve as the Dean of the Class of 2026.
    She is a woman imbued with the best practices of Lasallian education, an excellent teacher in the classroom and will be a Dean who is involved in the lives of the young men and women of her class.  She is thoroughly and devotedly engaged in the lives of the young people who are her responsibility and privilege to serve. While holding young people accountable and responsible for their decisions and direction, she will comfortably relate to them on levels beyond discipline to the level of touching lives in a significant way.
    I am sure that each of us in the next several days will offer her our best wishes and support as she begins her planning for our incoming freshman class.
    Saint John Baptist de LaSalle.  Pray for us. 
    Live Jesus in our Hearts.  Forever!

    Donald Kavanagh, AFSC
    Principal of La Salle Academy
  • Parents' Association of La Salle

    The Parent Association of La Salle is looking for new members from the Class of 2026!  If you are interested about learning more or joining our parents association please complete the form below.  

    PALS Interest Form
  • Summer Reading 2022

    Please use the following link to our Library page to access information about Summer Reading.  Scroll down the page to find the PDF link called Summer Reading 2022.

    It's never too early to start planning your Summer reading for the beach!

    Library Summer Reading Link
  • Textbook List

    Once a student deposits and enrolls, his or her course list will be emailed to him or her within two weeks. 

    Please view the textbook list via the link below and contact your local school department to borrow the necessary textbooks.  Most due dates are in June or July so please don't delay!

    Students who live in Providence, East Providence, North Kingstown and Warwick, your books will be given to you at La Salle in the Fall.

    Religion books must be purchased as they are not typically offered through your city or town.  If you have any concerns, kindly contact

    Book List Link
  • BNC - Online Textbook Store

    Here is the link to the outside bookstore to purchase textbooks.
  • Tuition and Financial Aid

    For questions regarding tuition and financial aid please email and  Or call 401-351-7750 ext 196
  • Email and Blackbaud

    All current DLS students are not to follow these instructions. You will be notified and required to change passwords at some point over the summer.

    All students new to La Salle must follow these instructions prior to logging into Gmail or Blackbaud (Blackbaud will appear relatively blank until later in the summer)

    Your La Salle email address will be in the format first initial, last name, last two digits of graduation year.  Example: Your name is Amy Sanga and you are graduating in 2026.  Your email address would be

    • Enter in the username (first part of La Salle email address, EX: asanga26) DO NOT ENTER THE ENTIRE EMAIL ADDRESS HERE.

    • Enter temporary password.  The temporary password is "Student" (with uppercase S) + last two digits of your graduation year.  (ie Student26, Student27, etc)
    • Choose a new password (at least 8 characters with an uppercase, lowercase and number and cannot contain part of your name)

    Please log out and log back in to test your new password.  At this point you will be prompted for a phone number or to answer security questions so that you can recover your password should you forget it.


    Wait up to 15 minutes for password to update in Google and Blackbaud

    • Go to
    • Enter in your full La Salle email address
    • At this screen, re-enter your email address

    • Enter the new password you just created.

    • Go to
    • Use your full email address and password you just created

    SCHOOL WiFi Network
    • Choose the student network
    • Enter only the first part of your email address as the username
    • Enter your password
  • Transportation

    We are in the process of updating our transportation information for the upcoming year.  Please review this year's transportation document as a majority of the information will be the same.

    Registration for bussing through RIDE is not yet opened, but review the policies to be ready to sign up. 

    Please note some new private bussing routes on the Northstar Bus Company website including pick up and drop offs for Cumberland, Swansea, and Tiverton.  

    Transportation Information Click Here
  • Uniforms

    School uniforms can be purchased online from Flynn O'Hara.  Please visit the site where representatives will help you find the perfect fit for your school uniform.   

    Uniform Information Click Here

    Check here for fitting days and additional information

    Or click here to register for a fitting

    Gym uniforms can be purchased in our school Academy Shoppe. 
  • World Language Placement

    The World Language Department offers a placement exam for those students who would like to be considered for the second year of a world language.  This exam is offered to those students who have taken a FULL ACADEMIC YEAR or more of French, Italian, or Spanish. Students must have already completed a course that meets daily and with classes lasting at least 50 minutes.  The exam will be offered to the students in the language that they chose on their application form.  Students who do not meet this requirement need not take the placement exam and will maintain their placement in level I.

    The placement exam will be administered on an individual basis M-F 8:30-1:30.  The exam will take approximately 1 hour and dress is casual.  Please contact Mrs. DiMascio at to schedule your exam date
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